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averages for all NASCAR Winston/Nextel/Sprint Cup drivers since 2005 featuring Terry Labonte
an original work of horror fiction, "Tattoo"
Pittsburgh Pirates "Lineup Of A Lifetime" featuring Andy Van Slyke
pages celebrating my cat Sluggo and my Jack Russell Terrier Texas
33 years of Top 40 music charts from The Fido Flash Top 40 to UU-BRU Internet Radio

December 2, 2008
published 112 Songs Of Christmas

December 29, 2007
published 2007 UU-BRU Internet Radio Archives

October 6, 2007
corrected page format issues with UU-BRU Internet Radio

September 19, 2007
UU-BRU Internet Radio will be published every Saturday (moved from Thursday)

December 28, 2006
published 2006 UU-BRU Internet Radio Archives

October 28, 2006
replaced UU-BRU Internet Radio History with a new revised Chart Records page.

October 21, 2006
created favorite icon for bookmarked web pages (to be added as pages are updated)

August 12, 2006
UU-BRU Internet Radio reaches 100,000 hits

June 6, 2006
set new record for unique daily visitors (785)

June 4, 2006
set new record for unique daily visitors (652)

May 31, 2006
set new record for unique daily visitors (582)

May 26, 2006
set new record for unique daily visitors (488)

May 2, 2006
set new record for unique daily visitors (394)

April 11, 2006
temporarily removed Guiding Light page

February 5, 2006
added NTWT page to track all destinations for work  password required 

December 31, 2005
added LIVE365 link to all UU-BRU Internet Radio Archive pages

December 20, 2005
debuted NASCAR Driver Averages 2006 layout

December 12, 2005
cleaned up all UU-BRU Internet Radio Archives year end pages for easier navigating and reading
1955 thru 1977 UU-BRU Radio Gold Archives
1978 thru 2003 UU-BRU Radio Playlist Archives
2004 to present UU-BRU Internet Radio Archives

November 17, 2005
debuted Guiding Light page, updated monthly

October 30, 2005
NASCAR Driver Averages becomes the first page on Keystone Highways to reach 200,000 hits

October 12, 2005
accepted position as part of the Labonte Online News Team

August 28, 2005
created a page for Labonte Park

August 8, 2005
corrected problem with driver average pages for California and Chicago

July 21, 2005
Keystone Highways Home Page becomes the second page to reach 100,000 hits

June 30, 2005
rotated featured drivers on following track averages pages:  California (Kurt Busch to Jamie McMurray), Loudon (Jeff Burton to Kurt Busch) and Phoenix (Jeff Burton)

June 19, 2005
changed driver on Michigan average page from Sterling Marlin to Matt Kenseth, left Phoenix open

May 31, 2005
rotated featured drivers on following track averages pages:  Charlotte (Jamie McMurray to Jimmie Johnson), Dover (Jimmie Johnson to Tony Stewart) and Richmond (Tony Stewart to Kasey Kahne)

March 30, 2005
UU-BRU Internet Radio becomes the 3rd page to reach 50,000 hits

March 25, 2005
UU-BRU Internet Radio:  The History becomes the 5th page to reach 10,000 hits

March 23, 2005
completed updates on all track averages pages with improved html tables, including a new page for Homestead
added qualifying record to each NASCAR track average page

March 11, 2005
added a page for Melissa Manchester (one year later)

March 6, 2005
created a page for Patty Smyth and Scandal

January 8, 2005
returned UU-BRU Internet Radio to original current Top 40 playlist only

January 5, 2005
added Tetris

January 3, 2005
removed NASCAR Challenge for the 2005 season due to time constraints

November 1, 2004
UU-BRU Internet Radio introduces a request line

October 19, 2004
UU-BRU Internet Radio changes it's format to include classic songs from 1978 to present

August 1, 2004
Keystone Highways achieves it's 100,000th unique hit.

July 5, 2004
assigned as a moderator for the Personal Charts Discussion forum at M4B/Charts Central

June 7, 2004
launched Truck Alert page

June 3, 2004
deleted Rockingham driver averages page

April 4, 2004
Two pages reach milestones on the same day, nearly 2 years after their debut:
NASCAR Driver Averages becomes the first page to reach 100,000 hits.
Keystone Highways Home Page becomes the second page to reach 50,000 hits.

March 29, 2004
A new record for unique daily visitors to this site is set at 389, breaking the old record of 366 (March 22, 2004).

March 22, 2004
A new record for unique daily visitors to this site is set at 366, breaking the old record of 355 (March 10, 2003).

March 14, 2004
Meadville Area Highways becomes the 4th page to reach 10,000 hits

March 11, 2004
added Animal Rescue Site links to Keystone Highways Home Pages, as well as pages for Sluggo and Texas

March 10, 2004
Track average pages will now spotlight an individual driver instead of only Terry Labonte.

February 29, 2004
UU-BRU Radio Playlist is renamed UU-BRU Internet Radio

February 21, 2004
UU-BRU Radio Playlist becomes the 3rd page to reach 25,000 hits

February 16, 2004
added NASCAR Driver Average pages for Rockingham and Las Vegas

February 10, 2004
added pictures of Texas and Annie (born Dec, 24, 2003)

February 3, 2004
UU-BRU Radio Playlist debuts as a broadcast online.  Listen to it HERE

February 1, 2004
added Weather Channel link and Listen-To to home page

January 7, 2004
launched "2004 NASCAR Challenge"  register here

December 14, 2003
launched 2004 Edition of NASCAR Driver Averages

December 13, 2003
launched 2003 UU-BRU Radio Playlist Year End Archives
updated UU-BRU Radio Playlist Chart Records to include 2003 stats with new album cover art

November 25, 2003
launched Sluggo & Texas & Friends

November 23, 2003
redesigned home page
launched home page for Texas
"Texas" approved to join Jack Russell Terrier owners WebRing

October 18, 2003
debuted 2004 layout of NASCAR Driver Averages beginning with Daytona

October 15, 2003
NASCAR Driver Averages becomes first page to reach 75,000 hits
added links for artists #41 to #50 on UU-BRU Radio Playlist Chart Records

October 8, 2003
added online counters to Home Page and NASCAR Driver Averages

October 1, 2003
began creating new track average pages to be published January 2004

September 25, 2003
redesigned Meadville Area Highways page
created "Electric Eclectic" banner for UU-BRU Radio Playlist
removed Google search engine

September 17, 2003
added UU-BRU Radio Playlist Roll Call of Number 2 Hits
added new e-mail icons throughout site

September 10, 2003
relaunched Family Tree page  PASSWORD REQUIRED

August 28, 2003
removed Family Tree page to correct format problem

August 27, 2003
eliminated banner and recipe pages, moved California Highways link to Meadville Area Highways
created Keystone Markers page

August 21, 2003
added phase three to Sign Garden page

August 20, 2003
upgraded server to LPX, resulting in minor changes to most pages

July 20, 2003
added "got milk?" billboard with Terry Labonte as seen on US 6 in Coudersport, PA

July 13, 2003
converted Horror Pages to homepage for "Tattoo"

June 27, 2003
debuted Jeffrey Michael Lloyd page

June 15, 2003
created California Highways section, beginning with a road trip to Big Bear Lake
eliminated Super Moose link

June 9, 2003
added links for Justin Labonte at Caraway Speedway on NASCAR Driver Averages page

May 28, 2003
changed all e-mail links to

May 20, 2003
corrected 1968 UU-BRU Radio Playlist Year End Archive

May 15, 2003
combined both Sign Garden pages with new design

May 13, 2003
launched Recipe Card page

May 12, 2003
added weather forecast to Meadville Area Highways

May 7, 2003
added driver averages for The Winston, Budweiser Shootout and Gatorade 125's

April 24, 2003
UU-BRU Radio Playlist becomes the third page to reach 10,000 hits
launched UU-BRU Radio Playlist year end archives 1959 through 1977 - access pages HERE

April 14, 2003
added "Park Avenue TO PA 27" to Meadville Area Highways

April 13, 2003
changed UU-BRU Radio Playlist update from Saturday morning to Thursday afternoon (changed to Friday on 4-24-03)
added Google site search to home page
moved 9-11 link to American Flag icon on top of this page

April 3, 2003
disabled Busch Series averages page due to lack of traffic, interest and time

March 7, 2003
added large amount to Prenatt family tree thanks to information provided by Mike Bizzarro and Marilyn Theuret Bizzarro

March 3, 2003
recreated original NASCAR Driver Averages page as Terry Labonte archive page   VIEW IT HERE

March 2, 2003
completed redesign of Meadville Area Highways with all new route signs and navigation

February 24, 2003
deletion of is completed (see January 30, 2003 update below)

February 18, 2003
created Truck PA 77 page and began redesign of Meadville Area Highways

February 16, 2003
created banner exchange page
added new "got milk?" ad with Terry Labonte and his mother, Martha Labonte to NASCAR Driver Averages page

February 2, 2003
created small Keystone Highways logos to be added throughout the site

January 30, 2003
removed as co-domain name for Keystone Highways
moved Super Moose page

January 27, 2003
redesigned Meadville Area Highways page using graphics provided by Tim Reichard

January 24, 2003 
created UU-BRU Radio Playlist Chart Records page (to be published February 1, 2003)
Keystone Highways Home Page becomes second page to reach 10,000 hits
co-linked with - fantastic source for Winston Cup statistics

January 17, 2003
created Top 40 Music Charts WebRing

January 11, 2003
added UU-BRU Radio Playlist Year End Archives 1955-1977, beginning with 1955-1958

January 4, 2003
after several days of interrupted service, Keystone Highways returns to the web, thank you for your patience!

December 24, 2002
created 2003 NASCAR Top Ten Challenge homepage

December 21, 2002
launched 2003 edition of Winston Cup Driver Averages

December 14, 2002
completed all UU-BRU Radio Playlist Year End Archives 1978-2002

November 27, 2002
began to add Prenatt family information provided by Tom Newton

November 18, 2002
"Andy Van Slyke" page approved to join The Pittsburgh Pirates WebRing  CLICK HERE

November 17, 2002
changed "Terry & Bobby Labonte WebRing" to "Terry Labonte NASCAR WebRing"  CLICK HERE

November 16, 2002
approved to become ringmaster for "Terry & Bobby Labonte WebRing" (appropriately on Terry Labonte's birthday)

November 12, 2002
Winston Cup Averages became the first page of Keystone Highways to achieve 10,000 hits

November 6, 2002
added pictures of my grandparents and my immediate family to Family Tree section (thanks, mom)
launched Busch Series driver averages featuring Justin Labonte

November 4, 2002
"Super Moose" page approved to join The Truck And Tractor Pulling Webring  CLICK HERE

November 2, 2002
launched Hometown Links (temporarily unavailable)
eliminated Historic Routes Page, moved all links to Meadville Area Highways page

October 30, 2002
launched The Sluggo Collection

October 29, 2002
launched Andy Van Slyke section
debuted the prologue for "Tattoo" on the new Horror Pages

October 22, 2002
made Sluggo's Domain the index page for Keystone Highways
registered domain for new site

October 18, 2002
redesigned Sluggo's Domain and introduced the preliminary page for Super Moose's homepage and the Family Tree introduction page

August 15, 2002
added phase two of Allegheny College & PennDOT project   CLICK HERE

July 27, 2002
added UU-BRU year end recaps, beginning with 1984 CLICK HERE

July 3, 2002
added Meadville Map Timeline page  CLICK HERE

July 2, 2002
The Official Terry Labonte Site added my Terry Labonte page.  Look for the "Texas" Terry Labonte link.  CLICK HERE

June 14, 2002
Jayski added a link to my Driver Averages by Track page on his NASCAR stats page.  CLICK HERE

June 2, 2002
redesigned Meadville Area Highways homepage to concentrate on the city of Meadville

May 26, 2002
UU-BRU Radio Playlist becomes contributor to Beyond Radio (Adult, Adult Pop and Mainstream Pop)

May 23, 2002
launched Historic Routes homepage
added page for Historic PA 337
UU-BRU Radio Playlist becomes contributor to The R & R 100

May 17, 2002
launched phase two of Keystone Highways with 9 pages linking Meadville to Corry

May 15, 2002
launched Horror Pages homepage

May 11, 2002
added area maps to all Meadville pages
rearranged links on Keystone Highways for easier navigation

May 9, 2002
added exit page for I-79,  I-79 Exit 141 and JCT US 19 & PA 285

May 7, 2002
joined Labonte Top 50 webring

May 5, 2002
launched phase one of Keystone Highways with 12 pages for Meadville Area Highways
launched NASCAR Driver Averages with all 23 tracks completed
launched UU-BRU Radio Playlist home page

May 3, 2002
UU-BRU Radio Playlist becomes contributor to Alaska Jim's THO

May 2, 2002
joined Pennsylvania Highways Webring

April 30, 2002
UU-BRU Radio Playlist becomes contributor to People Base Chart

April 29, 2002
transferred all pages to

April 22, 2002
created preliminary homepages for Sluggo's Domain, Meadville Area Highways and Terry Labonte

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